5 ways to reintroduce you... to you

CONFESSION: However enjoyable my days may be, there is a great deal lacking from my life. The missing pieces are abstractions, intangibles, like peace and stillness and reflection. And I'll be honest with you, the result, it's a mess. I'm a mess. So for whoever's out there living that sweet, tender thirty-something mess of a life with me, this list is for us.

Because life should never get the best of us. We should get the best of ourselves.

1. Admit that you've lost yourself in the hustle.

Yes. This is a thing. And it happens. We like the think that it doesn't or to not think that it doesn't (if that makes any sense), but it does. We get so caught up in career and 9-5, in relationship and love, in the front that is Facebook or Instagram... We get so caught up in being awake that our desire for sleep becomes idolatrous and we're thrown into the cycle of wake, work, post, sleep, repeat. I'm no self-help book writer (I don't even read that kind of stuff), but from my heart to yours, if you want to meet your amazing self again, you'll first have to admit you're lost.

2. Don't steal time but make time -- prioritize -- for you.

This is a hard one, one I find myself struggling with more and more as the days turn into weeks, weeks months, months years. I'm a child of the 80s. I grew up with a mother who made her family her life. And this is beautiful, it is admirable -- but to a fault. Because now I'm obsessed with tasks, with lists. Completing duties, staying busy, that's what good women do, that's what good wives and mothers are made for. (Or this is what I tell myself anyway.) But this is a lie.