Can six words be enough? A love story.

I'm not the kind of person who needs to be convinced of love. In fact, I've been told on more than one occasion (by very different people) that I'm the kind of person who loves love. And this, well, this is true — though I didn't really own it till I was told and then reminded and then told again.

So as this kind of lovely person who loves love in all its manifestations, you can imagine my surprise at my own inspiring early this week when on a midday-work adventure for the local's #6WordLoveStory

And let me tell you: We (my work sister from another mister, J-Po, and I) certainly found more than one to smile about. 

Like Kristian, the actor (and total cutie) who stopped us in our tracks to ask what we were doing and then to tell us of his new love, Ashley, who works down the street at Palm Beach Dramaworks.


 "She's my personal stage manager... She makes me better," he says as he blushes and then asks all sweet and gushing if "Will you be my Valentine, baby?" is a good enough #6WordLoveStory. Naturally, our cheeks joined his in their blushing, as we squealed, "Oh my gosh... Yaaas! Of course that's a perfect love story!!!" 


We we were a total mess. As you can see. Because yeah we Snapchatted that ish.  

And then there was the complete opposite of Kristian. Her name was Pearl. She was 89. And unlike most of us, she has had the gift of love twice in her adult life. And she had outlived them both. Her #6WordLoveStory was "Best Romance: Met on a train" and the advice she handed down after was enough to leave me grateful.


Pearl advised, "Get out of the car! It's too isolating to find love." I knew she was right, though I've never been so bold as to shout it adamantly over salad. I knew because I had met the love of my life on the Internet. MySpace to be exact. And he, every day, is more than I knew to ask for then and more than I deserve now. 

Sweet Pearl. With her hands soft and delicate, almost rose-pedal-like (if that makes sense)... Her eyes sparkled as she spoke of him, as she remembered him in such tender detail, and we smiled with her. I think J-Po and I probably even grew a little bit in those few minutes we shared with her — and indeed with him, Bill, the man sent to her from heaven. I think we stood a little taller, a little more aware of the blessing that is our own #6WordLoveStory. 

Yeah... I could go on and on. Love has a way of bringing out the long wind in us all, doesn't it?