How did you get that? A definitive list on how I got into the social media biz

Weekly, for sure. That's how often I'm asked about my job.

In fancy, corporate terms, I'm a Digital Content Strategist. Yep. A gig I couldn't have even thought up 11 years ago when I was still in college. Yet here I am, strategizing and being rad and stuff. 

So when people hear about what I do, when they wrap their mind around social media and the fact that things aren't just posted or tweeted or shared or snapped without a physical human doing the actual posting, tweeting, sharing and snapping, they realize I've got one cool gig. And then they ask: How did you get that? How can I get that?

Instead of just rattling on, I thought "a list," yes, but not just any list... A ListApp list, the best list there is. Why? Because BJ Novak said so, and I do love me some BJ Novak.