Walking It Off, I to I Life Writing by Kentucky Feminists 2003
What even is Black, The International Review of African American Art, 2008

Cigarette Smoker, Zephyrus, 2004
Manhood, The Ringing Ear Anthology
The Banjo Lesson, Ekphrasis
Walking the dog on a Monday morning, Prayer, Pluck!, 2007

(Published in The International Review of African American Art)
Is It Art?, feature article, 2013
Drawing Outside the Lines — Art and Pop Culture, feature article, 2010
To Lead and to Serve, news, 2009
The Art of Social Design, profile, 2009
The View from Now, contributing reviews: "I can't even define what is black" and "Desperate Chimera Acts," 2008

The Post Standard

Hairy Legs
Digital Do's and Don'ts of Weddings
Tamales literally explode with cocaine; smuggler in custody

Print Projects:
Senior Class Memoirs Collection, 2012 & 2013
Youth Poetry Collection, 2010